• This comprehensive and practical book will assist experienced and inexperienced practitioners alike with their appearances before courts and tribunals. The text reflects Max Perry’s considerable practical experience, both as an advocate and as a teacher of advocacy skills and is succinct and easy to read.

    Key topics include:

    • Tips on preparing and presenting evidence
    • Techniques to use in court, such as how to avoid leading questions and how to proceed with cross examination and re-examination
    • Pleas in mitigation of sentence
    • Appellate and review considerations
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  • Revised in 2006, this is an excellent guide on the fundamentals of ethics and etiquette for advocates practising under the adversary system, particularly in the Australian context.  Topics include duties to the court and client, duties of representation and of advocates to each other, rules of etiquette, forms of address, citing authorities in court, attendance on judges, and conduct in court.