Workplace Misbehaviour – Risk Areas Since COVID-19
Speaker Emily Dempster, Senior Associate, DWF Australia
Date 24 Aug 2020
Duration 01:11:36
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Workplace Misbehaviour – Risk Areas Since COVID-19


Recent scandalous examples highlight that certain behaviour in the workplace can have devastating consequences. Has the risk decreased since most people are working remotely? Or has it become easier and riskier given the line between work and home is blurring and can lead to mistaking informality for acceptance of inappropriate behaviour. How have the risks changed and what should lawyers be alert to when conducting work, interacting with or supervising staff.

Have ‘after hours work events’ now moved beyond the physical venue and into the home or other informal spaces and have the risks changed?

The employment contract, workplace policies and relevant legislation all require proper behaviour in the workplace and the workplace can extend to ‘out of office’ or ‘after hours’ events.

Rule 42 of the Solicitors Conduct Rules 2015 requires all lawyers to comply with proper workplace behaviour. It can amount to misconduct if misbehaviour occurs in the course of legal practice. Does this conduct rule cover ‘out of work’ or ‘after hours’ behaviour involving colleagues.

In this constantly evolving area, it is essential to keep up to date with the latest developments. This practical seminar will address workplace related risks through recent cases and developments including:

  • Bullying;
  • Sexual harassment;
  • Discrimination;
  • Social media; and
  • Out of hours & out of the workplace conduct in a COVID-19 era.

This is an essential seminar for both employee lawyers and those in supervisory positions, including senior lawyers.

Presented by: Emily Dempster, Senior Associate, DWF Australia

ISBN: 978-1-922410-50-4

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