Wills & Estates Conference
Start time 27 Jun 2019 9:00am (Australia - Melbourne)
End time 27 Jun 2019 4:30pm (Australia - Melbourne)
Location Leo Cussen Centre for Law, Level 16, 15 William Street, Melbourne
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Catering Includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and networking drinks
Designed for Legal practitioners
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Wills & Estates Conference

27 Jun 2019 9:00am - 27 Jun 2019 4:30pm (Australia - Melbourne)
Leo Cussen Centre for Law, Level 16, 15 William Street, Melbourne

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This program is chaired by:

Iain Jones QC, Barrister, Victorian Bar


David Collins QC, Barrister, Victorian Bar

Drafting Mini-Masterclass  

The session will address drafting issues involving:

Business and Company Owners:

What are the essential issues to address with your client when drafting wills and related documents, in cases where businesses and companies would be vulnerable should your client pass away. This is particularly important in cases where the client is the driving force behind the business or company.

Squabbling Siblings:

Drafting a Will can be an emotional process for parents whose children do not get on. This is particularly difficult where there is a history of family violence between siblings. This session will address how the will may be drafted to provide for separation of siblings throughout the administration process and advice to assist parents in discussing these issues with their children.

These important tips can make all the difference!

Presented by: Jennifer Maher, Principal Laywer, Accredited Wills and Estates Specialist, KCL Law

Advising on Trusts - The Finer Points  

Why and when might you choose them? How do they work and what are the Pros and Cons including Tax Implications? This session will provide guidance on these questions by reference to the following options:

  • Superannuation Proceeds Trust (SPT)
  • Superannuation Minor’s Trust/ Minor’s Trust
  • Disability Trust
  • Injury or Compensation Trust
  • Testamentary Trust
  • Charitable Trust
  • Constructive Trust Claims

Presented by: Carolyn Sparke QC, Barrister, Victorian Bar

Your Indispensable 2019 Case Update  

Our presenter will outline significant recent cases including cases dealing with:

  • Deceased estates;
  • Trusts; 
  • Capacity; 
  • Revocation

and more.

Presented by: Philip BenderBarrister, Victorian Bar

Legislative Update and Developments – An Essential 2019 Guide   

This session will provide an essential update of legislative developments including:

NEW - Guardianship and Administration Act 2019;

Oaths and Affirmations Act 2018

And commentary on the ongoing impact of:

Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2017 (Vic).

The Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Act 2016

Presented by: William Moore, Partner, Recommended Wills, Estates and Succession Planning Lawyer and Wills & Estates Litigation Lawyer in Victoria in Doyles’ Guide, Hall & Willlcox

Early Inheritance Syndrome - How to Recognise the Symptoms and Manage the Risk  

Potential beneficiaries can use various methods to pressure and influence a testator to allow early access to entitlements before death. This is most likely to arise in cases where elderly parents are pressured by adult children to run down or deplete the estate by improper use of power of attorney, pressure to amend a will or appropriating personal property often without other beneficiaries knowing this has taken place.  How should you best advise your client when you suspect that either they are being influenced prior to will drafting or that beneficiaries are trying to use various means to gain early access to estate assets.

What are the options to advise your beneficiary clients in cases where they believe the estate has been accessed by other beneficiaries prior to the testator’s death?

This session will address these issues and provide guidance on the signs, symptoms and management of Early Inheritance Syndrome.

Presented by: Ines Kallweit, Principal and Accredited Wills & Estates Specialist, KHQ Lawyers

Personal Representatives and Personal Liability 

When can a Personal Representative be held personally responsible on distribution of assets?  The question of whether a Personal Representative has notice of an estate debt may not always be straightforward. This session will discuss the risks and consequences of an incorrect distribution and ways to reduce risk.

Presented by: Justin Rizzi, Barrister, Victorian Bar  

Alternatives to Part IV Applications - The Ineligible Client 

Since 2015, the range of people eligible to bring a family provision claim against an estate in Victoria has been significantly narrowed.

This session will explore the alternative avenues available to ‘ineligible applicants’ including the use of estoppel and constructive trusts.

A session not to be missed!

Presented by: Malcolm CampbellPrincipal and Accredited Wills and Estates Specialist, Nicholas O'Donohue and Co.

Ethical Decision Making - Not Always Obvious  

Ethical dilemmas can sometimes be clear but other times can be subtle and creep up over time. It is often those times when a practitioner feels backed into a corner and pressured to make a wrong call.  Our presenter will outline the obvious and not so obvious warning signs that can signal an ethical problem.  


Presented by: Legal Services Board + Commissioner


Total CPD Units: 6.0

Ethics & Professional Responsibility: 1.0
Professional Skills: 1.5
Substantive Law: 3.5
(includes GST)