VCAT - Practice and Procedure During COVID-19 Half Day Conference
Start time 18 Aug 2020 9:00am (Australia - Melbourne)
End time 18 Aug 2020 12:30pm (Australia - Melbourne)
Location Live Stream Only
Catering Not included
Designed for Legal Practioners
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Substantive Law: 3.0
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VCAT - Practice and Procedure During COVID-19 Half Day Conference

18 Aug 2020 9:00am - 18 Aug 2020 12:30pm (Australia - Melbourne)
Live Stream Only

VCAT – Powers, Practice & Procedure – COVID-19 Update

This session is a must for all those who practice in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal jurisdiction!

Our presenter will give an overview of VCAT’s jurisdiction, structure and limitations during the COVID-19 pandemic and outline in which circumstances VCAT is the most appropriate jurisdiction to initiate proceedings. 

This session is designed to bring you up to date in terms of procedures, documents, appearing before VCAT and will outline the mistakes you need to avoid. 

Presented by: Suzanne Kirton, Senior Member, Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

VCAT Evidence

Prepare and Present the Evidence During COVID-19

Practitioners must be aware of how to gather evidence, prepare and deal with documents before VCAT, given current circumstances.
This session will discuss everything you need to know when gathering evidence, preparing and presenting your clients matter to ensure you’re fully prepared to put your best evidence forward, whilst remaining attentive of the unique practical and evidentiary consequences in this jurisdiction, during COVID-19. 

Expert Evidence:

This session will outline the rules and regulations for Expert Evidence in VCAT and will cover topics including:

  • The standard of proof test at VCAT;
  • What is the duty of an expert witness to the Tribunal?
  • What must an expert evidence report include;
  • Service, filing and format of an expert evidence report during COVID-19;
  • How expert evidence is given at a hearing including concurrent evidence during COVID-19?;
  • What happens if the expert witness changes his or her opinion?;
  • How is expert evidence given at a hearing during COVID-19?;
  • What is required from the expert when directed by the Tribunal for an ‘Expert Conclave’ and ‘Scott Schedule’ during COVID-19. 

Presented by: Chris Edquist, Member, Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Leave to Appeal VCAT Decisions

This session will outline the limitations and requirements when appealing VCAT decisions including procedures for instituting the appeal and the test for the grant of leave to appeal.  
Our presenter will outline issues including:

  • The grounds of appeal and the ‘tests’ that apply
  • Process of appealing;
  • Effect of s148 of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 1998 in relation to the appeals process;
  • The differences between Supreme Court and Court of Appeal;
  • Is there an increase risk of appeal resulting from material presented and hearings run during COVID-19
  • Plus Case Update. 

Presented By: Daniel Epstein, Barrister, Victorian Bar