Sports Law Conference
Start time 24 Oct 2019 9:00am (Australia - Melbourne)
End time 24 Oct 2019 4:30pm (Australia - Melbourne)
Location Leo Cussen Centre for Law, Level 16, 15 William Street, Melbourne
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Sports Law Conference

24 Oct 2019 9:00am - 24 Oct 2019 4:30pm (Australia - Melbourne)
Leo Cussen Centre for Law, Level 16, 15 William Street, Melbourne

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This program is chaired by:

Haroon Hassan, Barrister, Victorian Bar


David Galbally AM QC, Partner, Madgwicks Lawyers

Sporting Figures, Free Speech and the Employment Contract  

The recent high-profile dispute involving Rugby Australia is now set for a showdown, with many commentators suggesting it will lead all the way to the High Court. Given the complexity of this case, which touches on Codes of Conduct, employment contracts and sporting figures expressing views in public forums, this session is designed to distil the most significant issues arising from this case that apply to your sports law practice.

This session will discuss issues including:

  • Codes of Conduct - What is reasonable?

  • Should the sporting body be entitled to regulate private views being aired in public?

  • Is it appropriate for sporting bodies to take note of public opinion when developing policies?


Presented by:

Georgina Schoff QC, Barrister, Victorian Bar


Elle Nikou Madalin, Barrister, Victorian Bar

Sports Law Developments and Case Update  

This session will address recent cases and developments in Sports Law including:

  • Restraint of Trade Clauses (following the Federal Court decision on the National Rugby League’s ‘No Fault Stand Down’ Rule);
  • Update to advice for sporting clubs following the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse and requirement for Code of Conduct and Child Safe Policy;
  • Social media ‘trolling’ and legal remedies;
  • Intellectual property issues surrounding ownership and reproduction of sports players photographs;
  • Proceedings between American sports publishing website ‘The Players Tribune’ against new Australian sports website ‘PlayersVoice’; and
  • Regulation of gender and biological differences and its impact on sport.

Presented by:

Mark Rinaldi, Barrister, Victorian Bar, and

Chris Oldham, Barrister, Victorian Bar.

Sports Law in Australia – Governance, Regulation and Integrity  

Late last year Mr. James Wood QC released the most in-depth report into the integrity of Australian sports ever undertaken, titled ‘Review of Australia’s Sports Integrity Arrangements’. It addressed key national and international threats to sporting arenas both here and overseas.

This session will take an in-depth look into the Report, progress towards implementing key recommendations, and how it will affect your clients and organisations, including:

  • The establishment of a National Sports Tribunal (National Sports Tribunal Act 2019) and proposed establishment of Sports Integrity Australia (the enabling Bill having lapsed);
  • Proposed changes to the ASADA Act to strengthen doping violations (the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority Amendment (Enhancing Australia’s Anti-Doping Capability) Bill 2019 having now lapsed);
  • Law enforcement powers, including dealing with ‘information’ under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth); and
  • Propsed new federal match fixing laws, whistle-blower protections and other matters.

Presented by: Ian Percy, Barrister, Victorian Bar

Legal Responsibility of Sporting Organisations - Mental Health and Other Workplace Claims 

The responsibility of sporting organisations to provide a safe workplace is clear, but where does legal liability begin and end?

Is the professional sporting body the same as any other employer, or is there a layer of complexity arising from expectations that the media and public has towards sporting clubs and players that increases the number of steps that the employer needs to take, in order to adequately fulfil its legal obligations?

There is now an expectation that every sporting organisation will have the tools and policies in place to identify, prevent and or deal with player and staff issues including mental health concerns such as anxiety, gambling and drug addictions. Can this also extend to post employment issues such as financial and health management?

This session will discuss the policies that sporting organisations should have in place to deal with current workplace issues, as well as the potential for ongoing liability following the departure of players and staff from clubs, and the potential for future claims in the absence of proper workplace policies and procedures.

Presented by: Amy Hando, Barrister, Victorian Bar


Mark Goldblatt, Barrister, Victorian Bar

Professional Sports Contracts – Advanced Drafting Skills 

Sports Law is a unique practice area and requires care and precision when drafting complex employment and other contracts. This is the case even for experienced Sports Lawyers, particularly as sponsorships, social media and other evolving issues often overlap.

This essential session will outline strong drafting techniques and will cover:

  • Common complex questions arising in Sports Law Employment contracts;
  • Contracts with minors;
  • Restraints;
  • The intersection of the sporting employment contract with sponsor and endorsement agreements; and
  • Termination clauses

This session is designed to take your drafting skills to a more advanced level.

Presented by: Paul HorvathPrincipal, Sports Lawyer

Concussion in Sports – Risks, Rates and Liability  

As more and more discussion and studies continue to evolve around the issue of concussion in sport, so too does the number of players retiring from sport due to concussion related injuries, and the number of cases being issued by former players seeking compensation.

This session will look in-depth at the legal liability surrounding this area including:

  • definition of concussion: more than a transient functional dysfunction;
  • symptoms and diagnosis;
  • long term consequences: post concussive syndrome in young/older players, and differences in males and females;
  • repetitive concussion;
  • definition and controversies around chronic traumatic encephalopathy;
  • recovery after a concussion;
  • current international guidelines for the diagnosis of sport concussion and how they changed the approach of concussion management at sideline in Australia;
  • examples of lawsuits around sport concussion in Australia including class actions from the US.

Presented by: Cristina Morganti-Kossman, Adjunct Associate Professor, Monash University

Where’s the ‘Good Faith’ in Sporting Contracts?  

It is always exciting for a sporting club to sign a new player to a contract and their club. It is often met with fanfare and can lead to a jump in sponsorship, memberships and revenue. However, it is not uncommon for players to break contracts early if they are unsatisfied or wish to pursue successful opportunities elsewhere.

With hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line, where does the duty of ‘good faith’ in sporting and commercial contracts come into play compared to other industries?

This session will take a look at recent high-profile examples and examine where the duty of good faith lies in the current context of sports and commercial law contracts and the issues you need to consider when you are drafting your client’s next contract.

Presented by: Margo Harris, Barrister, Victorian Bar


Total CPD Units: 6.0

Professional Skills: 1.0
Substantive Law: 5.0
(includes GST)