Medico-Legal Online Intensive (to Download)
Speaker Janine McIlwraith, Bree Ridgeway, Abhi Mukherjee, Dimitra Dubrow and Amy Johnstone
Date 12 Nov 2019
Duration 03:11:50
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Total CPD Units: 3.0

Ethics & Professional Responsibility: 0.75
Substantive Law: 2.25
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Medico-Legal Online Intensive (to Download)


Session 1: Expert Witnesses and Evidence in Court – Have You Done Your Homework?  Session 2: Ethics, AI, Privacy and Implications – Where to From Here? Session3: Non-Delegable Duties in the Medical Profession. Session 4: Medico-Legal Issues Facing Practitioners in 2019 and Beyond.

Expert Witnesses and Evidence in Court – Have you Done your homework? 

Preparation and Briefing

It is critical when obtaining medico-legal evidence from a medical practitioner, for their evidence to be consistent. Prior to your client meeting your expert, whether it be a surgeon or otherwise, you should ensure that you have briefed your expert with every relevant document/s they require to undertake a full and proper examination, which then can produce a full and frank assessment. 

If your witness is not provided with a full brief of evidence including medical records, employment history and witness statements, your expert report may be advantageous in the short term but falter if further documents come to light which contradicts claims made by your client.

Along with a case update, this session will provide an in-depth guide to best practice and steps to follow when preparing to contact and brief an expert for a new client.

Due Diligence and Inconsistencies

What are the risks in failing to adequately research the suitability and previous evidence of an expert witness, particularly in regard to any previous inconsistent statements or evidence presented by that expert witness in other cases.

This session will address these issues and will also cover:

  • Grounds for appeal if you subsequently find the expert has given contradictory statements in cases either before or after your client’s matter has been heard; and
  • What resources are available to assist in checking an expert’s expertise and their previous evidence.

Presented by: Janine McIlwraith, Principal Lawyer, Slater & Gordon

Ethics, AI, Privacy and Implications – Where To From Here? 

A set of eight Ethical Principles have been drafted and released by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (the RANZCR principles) which is aimed at guiding ethical standards surrounding AI technology in medicine into the future, as well as complementing today’s current medical tools and systems.

This session will discuss the current state of the medico-legal profession, including privacy, technology, AI, the RANZCR principles and ethical issues likely to be faced as we move into an uncertain future.

Presented by: Bree Ridgeway, Solicitor, Pearce Webster Dugdales

Non-Delegable Duties in the Medical Profession 

The vulnerability of patients in institutions and hospitals has been in the spotlight in recent times. As the country faces an ageing population, the issue of proper care by medical professionals and perhaps more importantly, staff, within organisations, will continue to remain a hot topic.

This session will focus on the issue of non-delegable duties in the medical profession including:

  • When the duty arises;
  • When an organisation is liable for negligence of a staff member;
  • Independent contractors;
  • Exceptions to the rule.

Don’t miss this hot topic!

Presented by: Abhi Mukherjee, Barrister, Victorian Bar

Medico-Legal Issues Facing Practitioners in 2019 and Beyond 

This session will discuss some of the latest ‘hot topics’ in the medico-legal field:

  • My Health Records – will we see patient safety improvements? and
  • Clinical guidelines and their role in establishing standards of care.

Including a case update, this is a session no practitioner can afford to miss.

Presented by: Dimitra Dubrow, National Head of Medical Negligence, Maurice Blackburn


Amy Johnstone, Associate, Maurice Blackburn

ISBN: 978-1-925857-65-8

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