Document Retention, Destruction and your Client’s Legal Obligations
Speaker Craig Macaulay, Data Scientist, Phi Finney McDonald
Date 3 Mar 2020
Duration 01:00:24
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Document Retention, Destruction and your Client’s Legal Obligations


Your client must abide by various and sometimes competing legislative regimes which govern:

  • How and when certain documents may be destroyed;
  • Provide that some must be retained for longer (if not indefinitely);
  • Others are to be de-identified if they are retained; and
  • The transition from hard copy to e-copy documents.

Reconciling and / or applying these sometimes confusing laws can be a challenge and non-compliance can have serious consequences for your client.

This session will cover:

  • Relevant legislation including Crimes Act, Evidence Act, Electronic Transactions Act, Privacy Act, Corporations Act and ITA Act; and
  • Electronic documents and document retention policies

Presented by: Craig Macaulay, Data Scientist, Phi Finney McDonald

Kate Vanrenen, Lawyer, Phi Finney McDonald

ISBN: 978-1-925857-74-0-3

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A video of the presentation in mp4 format

Paper material in pdf format

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