CPD 5 Point Online Bundle (to Download)
Speaker Dr Suzanne McNicol QC, Peter Moran, Katerina Pshenichner, Graydon Dowd, Suzanne Kirton and Luisa Alampi
Date 27 Feb 2020
Duration 05:05:51
Product Code O20001
Total CPD Points: 5.0

Professional Skills: 2.0
Substantive Law: 3.0
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CPD 5 Point Online Bundle (to Download)


Session 1: Redacting Documents – Errors, Risks and Consequences Session 2: Contract Law – Case Update and Recent Developments. Session 3: Negotiating And Drafting Settlement Agreements And Releases. Session 4: VCAT – Powers, Practice & Procedure. Session 5: Misleading and Deceptive Conduct Update – Hear from a Barrister And Former General Manager, Consumer Affairs!

Redacting Documents – Errors, Risks and Consequences

Redacting electronic documents can be a necessary part of litigation and commercial matters, and this session will highlight the serious consequences when redaction hasn’t been carried out correctly. Potential breaches of court orders, client confidentiality, waiver of privilege and commercially sensitive material, all have serious consequences for both clients and their lawyers.

Knowing how to properly redact documents is an essential requirement of practice and this session will outline methods of ensuring proper redaction and minimising associated risks.

Presented by: Dr Suzanne McNicol QC, Barrister, Victorian Bar

Contract Law – Case Update and Recent Developments

This session will provide an overview of recent significant contract law decisions and the lessons to be learnt from them, covering issues such as:

  • Construction of contracts; Repudiation and Termination;
  • Dispute resolution clauses; Consequential loss;
  • Reasonable endeavours; Implied duty of co-operation;
  • Damages for breach of warranty / mitigation; and
  • Review of the Unfair Contract Terms.

Presented by: Peter Moran, Principal and Accredited Business Law Specialist, Peer Legal
Katerina Pshenichner, Senior Associate, Peer Legal

Negotiating And Drafting Settlement Agreements And Releases

Practitioners are often instructed to make or consider offers of settlement, enter into settlement negotiations and draw settlement agreements and / or enforce their terms. It is imperative that practitioners have excellent drafting skills in order to accurately record settlement and minimise client risk.

This seminar will cover:

  •     “without prejudice” offers and negotiations;
  •     forms of settlement offers;
  •     drafting terms of settlement and releases; and
  •     key risk areas.

Presented by: Graydon Dowd, Partner, Hall & Wilcox

VCAT – Powers, Practice & Procedure 

This session is a must for all those who practice in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal jurisdiction!

Tribunals such as VCAT have no inherent jurisdiction. VCAT has original and review jurisdiction only. Our presenter will give an overview of VCAT’s jurisdiction, structure and limitations and outline in which circumstances VCAT is the most appropriate jurisdiction to initiate proceedings.

Finally, the degree of formality involved in proceedings before VCAT varies considerably.

This session is designed to build confidence when preparing documents to be submitted to and appearing before VCAT and will outline the mistakes you need to avoid.

Presented by: Suzanne Kirton, Senior Member, Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Misleading and Deceptive Conduct Update - Hear from a Barrister And Former General Manager, Consumer Affairs! 

Misleading and Deceptive Conduct, when established, can have serious implications, both monetary and reputational.  

This seminar will address the leading principles relevant to proving a successful claim or in defence a claim brought against your client.

The seminar will also address the most recent and significant decisions handed down by superior courts and their implications for your clients.

Presented by: Luisa Alampi, Barrister, Victorian Bar and former General Manager, Legal Services Branch Consumer Affairs Victoria

What is included:

Videos of the presentation in mp4 format.

Paper materials in pdf format.

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