Corporate Counsel Conference
Start time 7 Aug 2019 9:00am (Australia - Melbourne)
End time 7 Aug 2019 4:30pm (Australia - Melbourne)
Location Leo Cussen Centre for Law, Level 16, 15 William Street, Melbourne
Speaker See full program for details.
Catering Includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
Designed for In-House Counsel and Legal practitioners
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Corporate Counsel Conference

7 Aug 2019 9:00am - 7 Aug 2019 4:30pm (Australia - Melbourne)
Leo Cussen Centre for Law, Level 16, 15 William Street, Melbourne

Early bird price available until Friday 21 June: $665 (incl. GST)

Full Price: $695 (incl. GST)


How Vulnerable Are Your Staff - Cyber Threats and Security 

It's easy to be fooled by cyber criminals. Cyber criminals are better than ever at targeting businesses and are always a step ahead. Psychological tools and manipulation are now being used to gain access to confidential information.  As you increase your technology protections how can you be confident that it's going to make a difference?  Your staff are prime targets for cyber criminals to groom and then infiltrate your organisation, and staff are often unaware they have been used to gain access to systems and confidential information, until it’s too late.

This session will outline how your staff and organisation may be targeted and how to put simple yet effective training and protections in place to block common vulnerable entry points.

Technology, Processes, Change-Getting ‘Buy In’ 

How do you get your team and the boards agreement on the choice and implementation of technology? How do you identify the need, the technology and explain the benefits in a way that is simple to understand? What does an advice to the board need to include and cover, in order to get sign off? And how do you get your team to agree to the implementation of technology that will improve efficiency but may also reduce the size of the legal team or support team?

This session will outline the technology issues that are essential for every in-house counsel to understand, and how to overcome the challenges that flow in terms of board and team 'buy in'.

Legal Processes - Identification, Delegation, Implementation 

Efficient use of time and resources has become critical to the in-house team and the client. How do you identify the functions that must be carried out by lawyers and those that can be and are better handled by others? 

This session will look at developing methods and tools to look at the end-to-end processes, identify the appropriate task for the appropriate person or group, including external consultants, and implement the changes necessary including influencing and managing change

Leading My Team - Inspire and Motivate 

Inspiring and motivating the legal team is essential to maximising performance and maintaining morale. This is particularly important as budgets shrink and client expectations increase. What are the essential skills that a great in-house team leader needs to have and what are simple yet highly effective ways to increase team effectiveness and individual job satisfaction? 

This session will outline the ways that you can optimise your and your teams motivation, performance and job satisfaction.

Learn to Say No And Still Retain The Board’s Confidence 

Influencing and building trust between the in-house counsel, the CEO, the board and staff depends on the ability of the in-house counsel being confident, calm and approachable. These skills are important in showing them that whilst you 'have their back' you will also need at times to be firm and direct in your advice, even if it results in strong objection or at worst,  obstruction. The CEO, board and the staff will more readily accept advice they don't want to hear if they respect the in-house counsel giving that advice.

This session will outline the essential ways to increase your confidence and build healthy relationships and the ability to effectively influence the CEO, board and staff.

Clarity, Clear Communication and Simplifying your Advice 

Being able to simplify complex concepts and giving succinct yet full advice are communication and drafting skills that are requisite for all in-house counsel. Long complicated advice may 'cover' you but be confusing for the client to understand and may prolong the process. Getting the point across and making it clear about the decision that you are seeking, will increase the chances that the client will make the decision you need.

This session will outline the non-negotiables when it comes to clear communications and advice to the CEO and the board.

The Hayne Report - Culture, Expectation, Caught in The Middle 

A significant takeaway from the fallout of the Hayne Report is the pressure on in-house counsel to navigate a client’s expectation that client documents  submitted to third parties may be ‘crafted’ in such a  way that is borderline unethical and misleading. What is acceptable and what crosses the line from ‘creative writing’ to a misleading statement? You can't afford to get this wrong.

This session will highlight the risks and provide guidance on when you need to draw the line. Our presenter will also  discuss the general fallout from the Hayne Report as it impacts in-house counsel.


Total CPD Units: 6.0

Practice Management & Business Skills: 3.0
Professional Skills: 2.0
Substantive Law: 1.0
(includes GST)