Contract Law Online Bundle
Speaker Daryl Williams QC, Peter Moran, Katerina Pshenichner and Dean Luxton
Date 7 Jun 2019
Duration 03:01:22
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Contract Law Online Bundle

Session 1: Agreeing to Agree – When Letter of Intent or Heads of Agreement Become Binding. Session 2: Contract Law – Case Update and Recent Developments. Session 3: Directors Duties and ASIC – The Impact on Your Legal Advice.

Agreeing to Agree – When Letter of Intent or Heads of Agreement Become Binding

Despite a common misconception that you can’t have an agreement to agree, in a number of significant decisions the courts have found that “in principle” or heads of agreement expressed to be “subject to contract” may sometimes be enforceable.

This session will examine the circumstances where this can occur inadvertently, as well as appropriate mechanisms to minimise dispute where the parties do intend for their preliminary agreement to be binding. It will also consider the risks of negotiations surrounding the initial agreement being deemed misleading and deceptive conduct.

ISBN: 978-1-925857-40-5

Presented by: Daryl Williams QC, Barrister, Victorian Bar

Contract Law – Case Update and Recent Developments

This session will provide an overview of recent significant contract law decisions and the lessons to be learnt from them, covering issues such as:

  • Construction of contracts; Repudiation and Termination;
  • Dispute resolution clauses; Consequential loss;
  • Reasonable endeavours; Implied duty of co-operation;
  • Damages for breach of warranty / mitigation; and
  • Review of the Unfair Contract Terms.

This is the essential contract law update for 2019.

ISBN: 978-1-925857-45-0

Presented by: Peter Moran, Principal and Accredited Business Law Specialist, Peer Legal


Katerina Pshenichner, Senior Associate, Peer Legal

Directors Duties and ASIC – The Impact on Your Legal Advice 

The duties and responsibilities imposed on company directors and officers have recently been in the spotlight following controversy around the banking and Financial industries. This session will examine recent cases and developments concerning directors’ and officers’ duties, including to what extent directors should be aware of potential breaches of the law and whether there is a need for more effective protection for directors in decision making. It will also address potential claims and the signs to watch for and questions to ask when advising clients in this area.

The session will provide guidance on how companies should modify their practices and procedures and will also cover the most recent ASIC investigations and cases. It will also discuss the wide range of powers that ASIC officers can enforce.

ISBN: 978-1-925857-44-3

Presented by: Dean Luxton, Barrister, Victorian Bar

What is included:

Videos of the presentation in mp4 format

Paper materials in pdf format

CPD Units:

Substantive Law: 3.0
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