Appearing in Virtual Court - The Time for Mistakes is Over!
Start time 29 Mar 2021 1:00pm (Australia - Melbourne)
End time 29 Mar 2021 2:00pm (Australia - Melbourne)
Location Live Stream Only
Speaker Richard Attiwill QC, Barrister, Victorian Bar
Catering Not included
Designed for Legal practitioners
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Professional Skills: 1.0
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Appearing in Virtual Court - The Time for Mistakes is Over!

29 Mar 2021 1:00pm - 29 Mar 2021 2:00pm (Australia - Melbourne)
Live Stream Only

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Throughout this present COVID-19 era, practitioners have had to come to terms with virtual client meetings, social distancing and virtual hearings. As the pandemic continues to impact us all, virtual hearings and the use of technology in court proceedings will likely to continue into the future. While there may have been some leniency afforded to practitioners at the beginning of the pandemic when it came to technology, appearance and etiquette, that time has now passed and it is business as usual for virtual hearings. 

Practitioners need to be as prepared as ever for every hearing, and treat every occasion as though a Judge is in the room before them. This session will give you the confidence you need when virtually appearing in the major jurisdictions as well as tips for obtaining the best outcome for your client on the day.

Enhance your advocacy skills and gain confidence! 

This seminar covers the following:

  • Technology requirements
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Interacting with opposing representatives
  • Standing matters down
  • Preparing yourself and your client 
  • Familiarise yourself with the court procedures
  • Dealing with the registry
  • Advocacy tips and tricks
  • Appearing with confidence and overcoming the nerves
  • Announcing your appearance
  • Obtaining your client’s instructions during a hearing
  • Handing up documents
  • Leaving the hearing
  • Addressing the judicial officer presiding

The seminar will also address some of the common mistakes that practitioners made in the early days of the COVID-19 era, to ensure that you won't follow suit!

Presented by: Richard Attiwill QC, Barrister, Victorian Bar