AAT Practice and Procedure Intensive
Start time 19 Jun 2019 9:00am (Australia - Melbourne)
End time 19 Jun 2019 12:30pm (Australia - Melbourne)
Location Leo Cussen Centre for Law, Level 16, 15 William Street, Melbourne
Speaker See full program for details.
Catering Includes morning tea and refreshments
Designed for Legal practitioners
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AAT Practice and Procedure Intensive

19 Jun 2019 9:00am - 19 Jun 2019 12:30pm (Australia - Melbourne)
Leo Cussen Centre for Law, Level 16, 15 William Street, Melbourne

This event is chaired by:

Guy Gilbert SC, Barrister, Victorian Bar

Case Preparation at the AAT – Strategies, Techniques and What to Avoid When Representing Clients 

The AAT reviews a wide range of decisions made under Commonwealth laws, including FOI Requests, Taxation, Workers Compensation, Child Support, Migration and Refugee decisions and the National Disability Insurance Scheme.  These decisions often affect disadvantaged and vulnerable people and the representation required of each individual can be unique and challenging.

This session will take you through key strategies and practical tips for preparing a Review at the AAT. You will also be guided on the do’s and don’ts when representing your client more generally in this jurisdiction.

Including a case update, this is a unique opportunity not to be missed.

Presented by: Sheridan Lee, Member, Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Migration and Refugee Division

Appeals and Rights in the AAT – Your Options Are Limited 

If a party is aggrieved by a decision of the AAT there is limited avenue for appeal from the AAT to the Federal Court.

This session will guide you through the process of appealing AAT decisions to the Federal Court including:

  • Proper basis for appeal;
  • Likelihood of Final or Interlocutory Appeals;
  • Relevant timelines;
  • Drafting essential documents for appeal process;
  • Costs consequences for parties;
  • Stay Orders and consequences for your client, particularly in relation to Workers Compensation Claims.

A must for all those practising in the AAT jurisdiction.

Presented by: Julie Zhou, Barrister, Victorian Bar

The Current State of Administrative Law and Judicial Review in Australia 

This session includes a case update and is presented by an esteemed panel. Our presenters will delve into the current state of Administrative Law, Judicial and Merits based Review, and the role of the AAT.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Procedural fairness principles dealt with by the court versus limitations on procedural protections introduced by parliament (especially in the context of migration law cases);
  • Is it fair for the independence of the Tribunal to be called into question when Members are appointed by the current Government, without community consultation?
  • The limits and challenges of administrative law and judicial decision making;
  • Administrative law and the future – Dark or bright?

  This is a not to be missed session.

Presented by: Lisa-Maree Lo Piccolo, Barrister, Victorian Bar

Mary Cameron, Legal Practitioner, Mary Cameron


Georgina Costello, Barrister, Victorian Bar


CPD Units:

Substantive Law: 3.0
(includes GST)