3 Point Intensive
Speaker Phil Farrelly, System Architect, Kala Computer Pty Ltd
Date 12 Aug 2020
Duration 03:26:32
Product Code O20078
Total CPD Points: 3.0

Ethics & Professional Responsibility: 1.0
Practice Management & Business Skills: 1.0
Professional Skills: 1.0
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3 Point Intensive


Dealing with Cyber Security During a Pandemic 

With the increase of cyber threats and data breaches, no one is immune from the risks associated with using online networks.

Law firms manage highly confidential and valuable data, which makes them a prime target for cyber criminals. As such, law firms and practitioners need to make every effort to understand the types of threats, how to mitigate the risks and how to act when there is a breach. Being prepared is one of the best defenses for practitioners and their firms.

This session will provide you with an essential guide and include:

  • Understanding your obligations with managing client data;
  • What constitutes a data breach and what are your responsibilities in preventing and reporting it;
  • The added risks to data security due to workplace mobility;
  • How to manage remote meetings, mediations, court appearances and arbitrations – the issues and risks involved in confidential conversations and exchanging confidential documents and data;
  • Keeping up to date with potential risks that come with using new technology (eg. Zoom security concerns addressed earlier this year);
  • Data retention and destruction – what are your obligations and risks;
  • Electronic tampering and your professional liability;
  • Maintaining email security as this is one of the easiest access points for hackers and cyber criminals;
  • And more!

Presenter: Phil Farrelly, System Architect, Kala Computer Pty Ltd

How To Communicate Effectively With Clients and Colleagues During COVID-19 

Are the circumstances of COVID-19 making it difficult to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues? Is the added stress of isolation, uncertainty and additional sensitivity making a difficult conversation with a client or colleague even more challenging? Do you need some strategies to communicate and deal with these tricky situations?

This session is designed to provide practical and durable communication techniques and strategies and will include:

  • Choosing the most appropriate communication method for the particular situation;
  • Building rapport and trust remotely;
  •  How to avoid misunderstandings that can arise from emails and meeting remotely;
  • How to keep calm in stressful, high pressured communications;
  • How to avoid feeling overwhelmed and how to deal with self-doubt.

Presenter: Leah Hickey, Special Counsel, Shine Lawyers

Ethics – A New Dawn 

With recent revelations and public scandals, the public may think that lawyers often fall short of their professional duties and ethical obligations. Behaviour in the workplace can expose lawyers to misconduct allegations and the Regulators are focussing a spotlight on misbehaviour.

In an era when both lawyers and clients are relying on new and emerging technologies to enable legal work to be done, legal competence requires an understanding of the ethical risks that come with use of that technology. What knowledge is required in order to be regarded as competent.

Mistakes that are happening now may be the basis of an ethical complaint in the future. With work, home and financial pressures mounting, it is more important than ever to evaluate the risks and take steps to avoid potential problems.

In this session hear from a leading ethics practitioner on these issues with particular focus on:

  • The key risk behaviours in the workplace that can attract a misconduct complaint and what to avoid;
  • Practical risks when using technology on ability to maintain client confidentiality and inadvertent loss of legal professional privilege;
  • Breach of other ethical duties including cutting corners and turning a ‘blind eye’ due to stress, home and financial pressures;

Don’t miss this informative and valuable session.

Presenter: Michael Dolan, Special Counsel, Law Institute of Victoria


ISBN: 978-1-922410-44-3

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