3 CPD Point Intensive
Start time 5 Aug 2021 9:00am (Australia - Melbourne)
End time 5 Aug 2021 12:30pm (Australia - Melbourne)
Location Live Stream Only
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Designed for Legal Practitioners
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Total CPD Points: 3.0

Ethics & Professional Responsibility: 1.0
Practice Management & Business Skills: 1.0
Professional Skills: 1.0
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3 CPD Point Intensive

5 Aug 2021 9:00am - 5 Aug 2021 12:30pm (Australia - Melbourne)
Live Stream Only

Ethics – Recent Case Update and Developments 

Although practitioners are aware of their professional duties and ethical obligations, a surprising number still fall short of the standard required.

In this session, hear from a leading practitioner on:

  • Areas of ongoing general concern for legal practitioners;
  • Practical guidance on how to reduce the risk of a complaint; and
  • The top ethical dilemmas that keep practitioners awake at night.

Grab this chance to get your CPD Ethics point under your belt.

Presented by: Simon Fuller, Barrister, Victorian Bar

Time to Update Your Costs Documents and Avoid Complaints in 2021  

With reference to recent cases and common errors this seminar will highlight the reasons why you need to update your standard costs agreement and costs disclosure documents in 2021. 

Costs Agreements:

Costs Agreements are one of the most important documents used by legal practitioners, yet once drafted they are rarely reviewed except to update charge out rates.

Costs Disclosure Documents:

Given the statutory requirement for costs disclosure documents, it is not surprising that it is issues pertaining to these documents that result in practitioners finding themselves at the wrong end of complaints.

Failing to keep pace with legislative changes and case law developments can result in outdated, unclear and/or inaccurate costs agreements, potentially leaving practitioners exposed and unable to recover outstanding legal fees.

This session will consider how and why you should re-examine and consider updating and/or tailoring your costs agreement and costs disclosure documents.

It will also explore common errors in costs agreements, with reference to recent decisions, and provide tips on how to ensure that the costs agreement you issue is appropriate and will minimise the likelihood of problems arising.

Presented by: Cate Dealehr, Principal, Australian Legal Costing Group

Plain English Writing Skills for Lawyers 

As a lawyer, it is vital that clients understand the legal documents they are signing and your advice.

Writing in plain English has many benefits – it saves clients’ time as they have less to read, saves you time as you are writing less words, empowers clients to understand and reduces the risk of disputes and complaints.

This session will provide practical tips and advice on:

  • Plain English rules to follow when writing
  • Legal jargon to avoid and what to replace it with
  • How to explain complex subject matter in simple terms with a before and after exercise
  • Creative advice options for clients (eg video advice and infographics)
  • Introducing more plain English at your workplace

This session is an essential guide to using plain English in your legal work – don’t miss out!

Presented by: Lauren Kelindeman, Associate and Wellbeing Champion, Legalite