• February 2020

  • Thursday, 27 February 2020
    27 Feb 2020 9:00am - 27 Feb 2020 4:00pm (Australia - Melbourne)
    Leo Cussen Centre for Law, Level 16, 15 William Street, Melbourne

    What this Workshop offers:

    If you come into contact with Business Agreements and Contracts on a regular basis, our practical and easy to understand Workshop is for you!

    Our Workshop will answer all of the questions you have previously had about Business Agreements and Contracts but were too afraid to ask!

    Using the resources of our experienced and highly regarded legal team we have put together a unique Workshop specifically designed to remove the mystery surrounding legal agreements and transactions.  

    This practical and easy to follow Workshop will give you the essential knowledge to operate confidently when dealing with agreements and standard contracts on a daily basis.
    You will learn:

    •    How to prepare a legally binding contract;
    •    Understand basic contract “legal jargon”;
    •    Come to recognise who can legally enter into a contract;
    •    Negotiate terms in your favour;
    •    Understand when a contract is unfair or illegal;
    •    How to end a contract;
    •    What happens if and when a contract is broken; and more…

    During the course of the Workshop you will be taught the legal implications of negotiating and contracting with external parties to ensure that you don’t expose yourself, your business, employer or organisation to any unnecessary risk.

    A workshop not to be missed!

    This workshop covers:
    •    What is a contract?
    •    Negotiating tips;
    •    Common types of contracts and examples of them;
    •    Tips on common clauses;
    •    Defective contracts – what to do about it;
    •    Who can enter into a contract;
    •    Company structures and who can sign a contract;
    •    Misrepresentation – what does it mean? How does it happen?
    •    Consumer Law – what are you saying about your organisation / brand?
    •    Personal and Corporate penalties;
    •    Unfair contact terms;
    •    How to end a contract in your favour;
    •    Breaches of contract; and more…