• February 2020

  • Wednesday, 26 February 2020
    26 Feb 2020 9:00am - 26 Feb 2020 12:30pm (Australia - Melbourne)
    Leo Cussen Centre for Law, Level 16, 15 William Street, Melbourne


    Nominations and Purchasers - Risks and Consequences 

    This session will delve into the sometimes complicated arrangements that surround a Nomination of Purchaser. By reference to recent cases including Ran Bi v Yingde Investments Pty Ltd [2019] VSC 324, our presenter will outline the common challenges that can arise from the Purchaser, Nominee and Vendors perspective.

    Section 9AC of the Sale of Land Act 1962 Lessons for Developers and Purchasers 

    This session will look at the effect of Section 9AC of the Sale of Land Act 1962 when there are amendments to a proposed plan of subdivision. By reference to recent cases our presenter will provide guidance on the implications to a developer and the purchaser when in breach of s 9AC of the Sale of Land Act 1962.

    Retail Leases Case Update 

    Recent cases have focussed on what constitutes a retail premises and how a Retail Lease can lose that status in certain circumstances.

    This session will outline the courts recent thinking on these critical issues.