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    Ten Individual One Hour CPD Webcast Seminars to view at your convenience. What a Package! 
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    Session 1: Redacting Documents – Errors, Risks and Consequences Session 2: Contract Law – Case Update and Recent Developments. Session 3: Negotiating And Drafting Settlement Agreements And Releases. Session 4: VCAT – Powers, Practice & Procedure. Session 5: Misleading and Deceptive Conduct Update – Hear from a Barrister And Former General Manager, Consumer Affairs!

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    The payment of fees starts with a cost estimate, cost agreement through to Disclosure Information and negotiating client concerns or complaints. There are red flags that should warn a practitioner at an early stage about client intentions and ability to pay. Isolation, remote client engagement and interaction during Covid-19 may make some potential client problems more difficult to detect. Missing these warnings signs or failing to communicate effectively can leave you exposed to a client dispute over fees and at worst, a formal complaint and disciplinary hearing.

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    Recent scandalous examples highlight that certain behaviour in the workplace can have devastating consequences. Has the risk decreased since most people are working remotely? Or has it become easier and riskier given the line between work and home is blurring and can lead to mistaking informality for acceptance of inappropriate behaviour. How have the risks changed and what should lawyers be alert to when conducting work, interacting with or supervising staff.